Proflute desiccant molsieve rotor


ProFlute desiccant rotors are designed for high performance and long life.

The PPM Molecular Sieve rotor is designed for use in dehumidifi- ers and will perform well when the entering air is dry and/or hot or when the environment is alkaline.

The PPM Molecular Sieve rotor is also suitable when the application calls for a low dewpoint.

To protect the integrity of our customers ProFlute holds patents on the unique manufacturing process of the PPM rotor. The process makes it possible to closely tailor the amount and carateristics of the Molecular Sieve in the rotor.

ProFlute will assist in calculating the capacity, pressure drop and other properties of the PPM rotor.

PPM Desiccant Rotor Properties

Material Composition : The PPM rotor has a very high, 37%, Molecular Sieve content a 45% Silica Gel content and only 16% glass fibre content. The remaining 2 % is the Acrylic surface coating.

Technical properties : There is no limit for how high relative humidity the rotor can stand as long as droplets are not introduced into the rotor during operation.The PPM rotor can be washed in water with weak alkaline detergent, after saturation in humid air.

Physical properties : The density of dry material is approx. 240 kg/m3. In a humid environment the PPH media can pick up approx. 40% of it’s dry weight as moisture. The surface compression strength of the rotor is more than 200 kPa.

Physical Size :Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales movie streaming

Diameter (mm) Available depth (mm) Shaft diameter (mm) Delivered knock-down for assembly on site.
100 – 350 50 , 100 , 200 20 No
450 – 550 100 , 200 , 400 20 No
600 – 1050 200 , 400 20 No
1150 – 1950 200 , 400 30 Can
2000 – 3000 200 , 400 40 Yes

On request ProFlute produce replacement rotors in sizes to fit most existing dehumidifiers.

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